Welcome to the Texas Pain Society

The Texas Pain Society is a non-profit organization of over 350 pain practitioners that are involved in acute and chronic pain management of patients in Texas. The Texas Pain Society represents the practice of pain medicine in Texas with a seat on the Texas Medical Association's House of Delegates.


To all of our INCREDIBLE supporters who have filled our exhibit hall each year and shown continuous support for our society and our members, we appreciate you and we respect your time and budgets. We are developing advertising opportunities in conjunction with the online CME and the virtual event. 

Not hosting a live event is without a doubt the right thing to do this year for public safety concerns, but it is not an easy decision since this is one of my favorite meetings of the year. We will miss seeing everyone this year, we will miss hearing from our speakers live, we will miss seeing our sponsors and exhibitors, we will miss catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, but we also will look forward to it even more in 2021. 

We will see you on

October 22-24, 2021 in San Antonio!