Schade Hill Public Policy Pain Champion Award

Stratton Hill, MD

C.M. Schade, MD, PhD

The Schade Hill Public Policy Award is an annual award  created by the Texas Pain Society to recognize the outstanding work of an individual or group of individuals who have helped make positive changes in the world  of pain medicine. 

This award will be presented to an individual each year during the TPS Annual Meeting.

This award is inspired by the countless hours that  Drs. C.M. Schade & Stratton Hill dedicated to Texas Pain Society to help craft the pain  medicine laws that govern Texas today. 

2017 Schade Hill ‐ Public Policy Pain Champion Award Winners

David Teuscher, MD

Dr. Teuscher serves as the Regional Director of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Region VI. As Regional Director, Dr. Teuscher serves as HHS Secretary Tom Price’s representative responsible for guiding and coordinating HHS policies. Dr.Teuscher facilitates communication regarding HHS initiatives as they relate to state, local, and tribal governments. Dr. Teuscher’s region includes the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, as well as 68 Federally-recognized tribes.

Representative Cindy Burkett

Representative Burkett was elected as Vice Chair of the Texas House Republican Caucus by her Republican colleagues for each of the 83rd, 84th and 85th Legislative Sessions. During her tenure in the House, Rep. Burkett's committee assignments have included Criminal Jurisprudence, Elections, Investments and Financial Services, Transportation, Local and Consent Calendars, and the Select Committee on Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility. Currently her committee appointments include Chair of Redistricting, Local & Consent Calendar, Public Health and Transportation.

In 2014, House Speaker Joe Straus appointed Rep. Burkett to a 4 year term on the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission. This is a Joint Committee comprised of 5 members from both the House and Senate and two public members intended to review the efficiency and efficacy of our state agencies. In this role, Rep. Burkett has reviewed agencies ranging from the Department of Family & Protective Services to the Veterinarian Board to the Texas Department of Transportation.

Representative Burkett is very active in and dedicated to the district she represents. She has worked on legislation to encourage job growth in the state, to advocate for the mentally ill and their families, to protect the unborn and to maintain the integrity of our voting system.


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