Heavner Basic Science Lectureship

The James Heavner Basic Science Lectureship Award is an annual award created by the Texas Pain Society to honor the memory and efforts of TPS Board Member, Dr. James Heavner.

This award will be presented to an individual each year during the TPS Annual Meeting.

The Board of Directors will select the person to receive the award based on the individual’s research and academic achievements, professional contributions to pain management as well as patient care and advocacy among other factors.


2017 7th Annual James Heavner Basic Science Lectureship Award: Hemmo Bosscher MD, PhD

Dr. Hemmo Bosscher is known around the world for his skills as an Interventional Pain Management Specialist. He received his medical degree at the Vrije Universiteit in The Netherlands, coming to the U.S. for an internship at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He also completed an Anesthesiology Residency at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester. Dr. Bosscher went on to earn his Ph.D. in Medical Sciences from Radbound University in Nijmegan, The Netherlands. He then completed a Pain Management Fellowship with world-renowned Dr. Gabor Racz.

Dr. Bosscher is also considered to be a top expert in the field of Epiduroscopy, a procedure that provides him a better look into the spine. The Epiduroscopy procedure uses a tiny camera inserted into the spinal canal and is then guided upwards towards the area of interest. Epiduroscopy is mainly used for two purposes; first to identify and directly view specific locations and severity of scar tissue and second to inject mixtures of local anesthetic and steroids around inflamed nerve roots when more conservative methods have failed. Scar tissue is investigated because it often forms around the nerve roots after a surgical procedure or a bad injury. Identifying the areas of scar tissue enhances the physician’s ability to provide the patient with better pain relief options.

With more than ten years of experience here in Lubbock, Dr. Bosscher is well known and regarded for his commitment to taking the time necessary to communicate clearly and educate his patients about the options and choices surrounding treatment of pain. Patients describe him as very thorough and skilled, making himself and his staff available to answer questions and voice concerns.

Dr. Bosscher practices primarily in the Pain Management Center at Grace but also consults with surgeons and staff in the Spine Care Center.


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