TPS Committees

Members are encouraged to sign up for any committee(s) of their interest. Your participation makes TPS an even stronger association! 

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Membership Committee

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to identify strategies to increase membership and to serve TPS members in the best possible way. Committee members help to identify potential members and suggest marketing strategies & materials. Committee members also help to identify possible benefits and new services for TPS members.

Larry Driver, MD
Joel Berry, MD
Timothy Zoys, MD

Legislative Committee
The Legislative Committee members work with the membership on legislative issues to define TPS's position on those issues. The committee members are often asked to make Capitol visits to communicate information about TPS and our membership. 

Chair: C.M. Schade, MD, PhD
Mark S. White, DO
Cheryl White, MD
Brian Bruel, MD
Richard Hurley, MD
Graves Owen, MD

TPS Annual Meeting Steering Committee
The Meeting Steering Committee helps to identify topics, speakers, events, exhibits, and sponsorships for the annual conference and workshops. The committee is responsible for increasing attendance and sponsorships. If necessary, the committee members may be asked to provide assistance during the conference.

Miles Day, MD
Daneshvari Solanki,MD
Larry Driver, MD
Erik Hustak,MD
Joel Berry, MD
Joysree Subramanian, MD

Workers Comp Committee
To serve the member associations, and individual members in any matter relating to Workers' Compensation benefits, legislation, information, and to work as a liaison to legal representatives.

C.M. Schade, MD, PhD
Graves Owen, MD
Ioannis Skaribas, MD

Nominating Committee
The nominating committee meets to identify the slate of candidates for the Board of Directors Election each year. Additionally, the committee meets to determine a recommended slate of officers for the Board each January. 

Miles Day, MD
Ellen Lin, MD
Christopher Burnett, MD