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Dannemiller Interventional Ultrasound Techniques: A Head-To-Toe, Comprehensive Live Model Workshop
Saturday, February 24, 2018, 8:00 AM to Sunday, February 25, 2018, 5:00 PM CST
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Dannemiller Interventional Ultrasound Techniques: A Head-To-Toe, Comprehensive Live Model Workshop

Feb 24-25, 2018


Workshop Location: 
Linron Bioskills Training Institute 
5711 Northwest Parkway 
San Antonio, TX 78249


AGENDA: https://www.dannemiller.com/files/meetings/h2t/agenda.pdf




Interventional Pain Management is an evolving area of medicine that plays an important role within the application of multimodal pain treatment. Interventional Pain Management now encompasses a variety of image-guided percutaneous procedures and minimally invasive surgery of the spine. Proper application of such procedures has the potential to significantly improve quality of life in patients with both cancer-related and non-malignant pain syndromes.

Additionally, although these procedures have significant potential risks, improvements in practice standards have allowed Interventional Pain techniques to offer a safe and less invasive alternative to surgery where applicable. It is incumbent on specialists in Pain Medicine who are active in interventions to maintain a sufficient body of knowledge and skillset in existing procedures, while also being properly trained on emerging procedures and techniques such as ultrasound-guidance to improve the accuracy and safety of these interventional pain procedures. Continuing medical education, including “hands-on” training in the workshop setting, remains an important method for maintaining and improving proficiencies in Interventional Pain Management.


Topics include:


• Knobology 

• Large Joint & Bursa Injections: Shoulder, Hip & Knee 

• Regenerative Medicine Techniques 

• Ultrasound Hands-on Workshop (live models)

• Blocks of the Lumbosacral Spine: Lumbar Medial Branch & Facet; Sacroiliac Joint; Caudal Epidural; Piriformis Muscle 

• Regional Anesthesia: Upper and Lower Extremity Nerve Blocks 

• Blocks of the Trunk:  Intercostal, Transverse Abdominis Plane; Lateral Femoral Cutaneous; Genitofemoral; Illioinguinal/Iliohypogastric 






To register online at https://www.dannemiller.com/registration/61/


For more information, contact Maria Courtney at 210-641-8311

e-mail: [email protected]