NOTICE — Important Changes to PMP Enhancement Funding

NOTICE — Important Changes to
PMP Enhancement Funding

Important changes are coming to the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) that will affect integration and NarxCare for certain users.

The funding provided by Senate Bill 500 (86th Texas Legislature) that allowed the Texas State Board of Pharmacy to pay for statewide integration and NarxCare has not been renewed during this most recent legislative session (87th Texas Legislature).

Access to main PMP functionalities will not change. The mandate to check the Texas PMP before prescribing opioids, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, or carisoprodol also remains in effect.

The Texas PMP vendor, Appriss Health, recently sent out a message summarizing these changes to PMP users. 

Read the message from Appriss on our website to learn more and for contact information if you have additional questions. Visit and to learn more about the PMP and to log into your PMP user account.

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